Football Betting Tip – Winning by Learning

It is the football betting sage that a key to making long-term profits is the bets punters leave out instead of the bets they bet on. It is believed as meaning that if you fail to make an opportunity to bet, you don’t lose any cash. However when you bet on an unprofitable bet it is definitely money down ufabet ทางเข้า.

Some gamblers view losing as an opportunity to achieve success, similar to the old saying “before success comes failure”. Learning from our mistakes that we can improve our performance as we are able to learn less of what’s wrong, and more of what is right.

I am fortunate to have been acquainted with a lot of the people who purchased my book as well as people who read my articles on football betting. They had shared their experiences and punting issues with me and were very graciously allowing me to include their stories in this piece. I’ve decided to focus on five cases, and to make it easier for readers to understand the cases will be discussed in the form of Question and Answer.


Question I’ve thought of a plan that I could use to first target certain teams, and then look for any changes in the odds. For instance, Team A has opening odds of 2.10 and then the price drops to 1.90. I’ll think that this means something happened to Team A and it now appears to have a higher chance of winning. Do you have a view about this strategy?

Answer The movement of the price may be due to the latest team news that bookmakers believe is necessary to adjust the odds. It could also be because a an enormous amount of money has been positioned on one side in the marketplace, such as the home team, and the bookmakers must increase the odds for the away team in order to lure gamblers to place bets on it to make their books more balanced. In this case you must decide whether the cost 1.90 1.90 will be of value to you. If it is, then the market’s move should give you more confidence in your decision.


Q. : I’ll begin with a small amount of $5000 and try to increase the amount by a percentage each year. I am aware that I must be thorough in my research and analysis, and only place bets on the selections I feel most confident about. I’ll bet between 2-5 bets per week, but I will never bet more than 3percent of my bank which means that for the first week, the maximum total stake bets on is $150. I am confident that the highest risk is 3percent of my bank. Does my strategy work or am I simply thinking about it?

Answer Your strategy is attainable, but it will only be successful if you are disciplined and have patience , especially when it comes to implementing the money management guidelines on stake size and staking plans. One common error that many gamblers make is to begin adhering to the laid-out guidelines, but then fall prey to factors like impatience and greed. If things look good it is common for them to hop onto the bandwagon, deviating from the established guidelines and increase the stake. When they’re down they be caught in the trap of trying to recoup their losses. You said you’re betting between 2 and 5 bets per week. Don’t make quick choices to meet desired bets. You must be patient and wait for the bets that will give you value.


Question I’ve been betting on accumulations (combo betting or multi bets) for some time and haven’t made any money. The majority of the time, I was able to get 80-90 percent of my predictions correct, however two or three choices can upset the whole thing. I’ve always done a thorough research on my betting options and never bet in a blind way. Last week, in an accumulator of 9 teams, I was able to get 8 of the selections correct, but one wrong result ended up ruining the whole thing.

Answer : If you are able to accurately forecast between 80% and 90% of the games, then the majority of your picks are winners. You will be able to make steady profits if you’ve placed bets on them as SINGLE bets (that is an unintentional bet on a single selection to be successful). If you put all of them into an accumulator of large amounts and one unforeseen outcome could be enough to cause a loss. It is important to realize that during a game there are many unpredictable events such as bad weather, red cards or injuries, for example. The chances of profit for big accumulations are significantly higher than single bets however, the odds of winning are also lower.


Question : Do you think it is worthwhile to focus on the art of arbitrage (or surebets) that guarantee you a profit each day that is truly amazing?

Answer : In order to make arbitrage profitable, you’ll need a substantial betting account to begin with since you will need to set up accounts with a variety of bookmakers, and then deposit the required funds into every account. It is also necessary to research what odds are offered by the many bookmakers. Although arbitrage betting is regarded as risk-free, occasionally there are a few annoying TRIPS particularly when you’ve placed bets on one side of the arbitrage bet , but you aren’t able to bet another side due to :

The odds have changed

The bookmakers set trading limits , and you are unable to place bets on the amount you’d like

The bookmakers will not honor the price on the basis that it was a error


Q I usually take a look at the bookmaker’s odds before deciding on my bets. However, my best friend and I disagree with me on this way to go.

Answer I am with your most trusted friend. Don’t be enticed to analyze the odds before you make a decision because it can affect your judgment and decision-making. First, you must find an option that is winning and then determine your odds. Then, you will then examine the bookmakers’ rates and place your bet only when you have found value.


I’m sure we’ve all gained something from these instances of punting. Learn to be an effective winner and you will be an instant winner. The process of learning to win is an ongoing process. Don’t be impatient and hope to earn your fortune in a matter of minutes unless you are able to identify something that the majority of gamblers do not or you have a very good chance of winning. Add this virtue known as patience in your gambling strategies. It can be very beneficial.


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