Playing Football Without Getting Tackled

Football season is back in full swing, and while some of us are more than content to sit on our couches and watch the pros play the game, others of us still want to get out there and relive our perceived glory days by playing some football. The problem is that for most of us, those “glory days” were more than a decade ago, and the idea of getting tackled is off-putting at the best. So what are options for a game of football that avoids a trip the the hospital?

Two-Hand Touch Football
Sure it sounds juvenile, but it’s certainly less juvenile than the ER visit you clearly want. For the.0001% of people unfamiliar with two-hand touch football, the concept is pretty simple – instead of truc tiep bong đá tackling a player, you have to tag them with both hands at the same time. This of course rewards faster, more nimble players that are able to avoid being tagged, but also relies heavily on the honor system. Rules for blitzing the quarterback vary, but typically work on the “10 Mississippi” rule, where anybody wanting to blitz first has to count to ten, saying “Mississippi” between each number to prevent quick counts.What Does -2 Mean in Football Betting - Buzzy Tricks that would prefer not having to rely on the honor system when it comes to your “tackles” flag football systems are a nice and affordable option to remove any questionable calls on tackles while still keeping out the actual element of tackling somebody.

Flag football systems include clip on belts with flags of different colors that when pulled come right off, representing a tackle. There’s never any question about whether or not you were tackled as the flag in another person’s hand is a clear indicator that you are down. Similar rules from two-hand touch are typically used

In addition to the flags, most flag football sets include markers to set up end zones, meaning any open field can become a football field and there’s never any question of boundaries and whether or not there was a touchdown scored.

Yes, it does pain me to call out The Boss, but while he may have sung about glory days, trying to relive them on any gridiron is likely to end in pain if not traction. Stick to these options that avoid full contact and you can enjoy a friendly game of football without having to worry about whether or not your health insurance is paid up. Or you could just play a video game. Either way.

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