Traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are compared to “Heat not burn” product

An study done by Queen Mary University of London found that the “Heat not burn” gadget delivered less nicotinic content to the user and was less effective in preventing the user from smoking.UWOO Tech (@uwootech) / Twitter

Smokers who are unable or unwilling to stop using nicotine might greatly reduce their risk of developing and dying from smoking-related illnesses by utilising nicotine delivery devices that do not need the inhalation of smoke.

As a result, these alternatives must meet smokers’ requirements and expectations in order for them to switch from cigarettes to these alternatives.

Since IQOS is the most often used “heat not burn” gadget, Queen Mary University of London conducted the most current study on these products. Product hazards and benefits are examined in this study.

IQOS was compared to cigarettes, Juul (the American version of a ‘pod’ based electronic cigarette that carries a large quantity of nicotine), and refillable electronic cigarettes in terms of nicotine delivery and user satisfaction.

IQOS had a lower nicotine content than cigarettes.

Compared to the Juul, this product supplied less nicotine and was less effective in diminishing the urge to smoke cigarettes. Iqos was received with largely poor reviews, despite the fact that it provided nicotine more rapidly than traditional electronic cigarettes that could be recharged.

Smoking cessation with IQOS may be less effective than with US-marketed Juul, according to study data (the version sold in the UK has very low nicotine delivery because of EU regulations and so it is less likely to be useful). However, refillable e-cigarettes were the preferred method of vaping for those who took part in the study, even if IQOS has the potential to be as effective as them.

Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University of London stated, IQOS is likely to be effective to assist smokers stop, especially in places like Japan, where e-cigarettes are outlawed. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, will continue to be the more popular option in nations where they are readily accessible.



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