Nissan to build More Rogues for the US Market in South Korea

Nissan has currently come up with a unique decision to boost the production of Nissan Rogues that they would be selling in the united states and in some of its market in South Korea. Based on the reports, Nissan has finished its plan of using Renault-Samsung’s underutilized putting together plant located in Busan state in South Korea to produce more US and South Korean bound Rogues.

To realize this move, Nissan would be investing a total of $160 million into the putting together plant in Busan state via a contract with the Korean conglomerate Samsung. By investing this amount, Samsung agreed 해운대룸 to handle the annual production of approximately 80, 000 units of Nissan Rogues. A large percentage of these vehicles will be exported to boost Nissan’s method of getting this crossover in the united states while the remaining ones will be marketed in South Korea.

Nissan has decided to implement this policy since all of the Nissan Rogues that are currently sold in the usa imported from The japanese and the strengthening of the value of the Japanese people yen in the global market has increased the production cost of the each vehicle thereby reducing the amount of profits that the company might earn from these.

But aside from its production in South Korea, Nissan will also start producing about 100, 000 to 120, 000 units of the Rogue in the company’s facility in Smyrna, Tennessee next year. Due to this, a lot of car experts believe that the Nissan Rogues produced by you’re able to send South Korean and US-based plants will be enough to meet the sales target that Nissan has set for this crossover.

Many car experts also believe that Nissan’s proceed to increase the number of Nissan Rogue produced by busting its production between the Busan and the Smyrna plant was triggered by the increase in demand for this crossover. Nissan might have realized that more and more car buyers are beginning consider the Rogue as you of their top vehicle options and this trend could possibly led to shortage in method of getting the crossover when handled wrongly.

Since the company’s plans were already finished, its Smyrna plant begins building the Nissan Rogue early next year while the Renault-Samsung manufacturing plant in Busan, South Korea begins its production in 2014. As soon as the Tennessee and the South Korean plant could ram up their production of the Rogue Nissan will cease its production of this crossover in The japanese.

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